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You are invited to use these limericks for educational purposes. If you would like to use any of them commercially, please drop me a line.

A cytokine outside the cell
looked rather displeased and unwell
It was asked for the miss
and the answer was this:
well, binding in knock-outs is hell

GM-CSF as you know
makes colonies out of marrow
in the lab this is swell
but it's more than just well
that a clinic turns this into dough

You know, to be cleaved is just nice
said the IL1 proform to MICE
I feel quite attractive
when I'm not inactive
but I don't like to be put on ICE

To study a protein domagne
said the scientist, drinking champagne,
is easy as pie
but hard if you try
when the alcohol poisons your bragne

"And there, as you see on my slide,"
said the scientist (not without pride)
"Cells cannot feel placid
with sialic acid
exposed on the membranes outside."

"When the cancers cells are on the run,"
said the killer T-cell to his son,
"Perforin for these boys
is the weapon of choice.
Its a strategy called hole in one.

"Self-suffiency makes me feel high",
said the cancer cell. "I will not digh.
Autocrine as I amn,
I don't give a damn,
if there's no growth factor suppligh".

Said the cell: "Life is never a bore"
with a LAK cell as roommate (and more).
She is quite attractive,
and quite hyperactive.
When I touch her my membrane feels sore."

"I work hard." said gp130
"and without me some cells wouldn't grow.
But when they discover
I have more than one lover
they scorn me and call me a beau."

A scientist thought it much beta
if factor names had a Greek leta.
So you may have seen
what was once Limitin
will go by now as IFN-zeta.

For 3 years I did ubiquitin
at the bench (I've never been sittin).
We've no funds anymore
and I really feel sore
cause it means that I'll have to be quittin.

Said the mouse - and she started to sob:
"cause we're fat we have no lab job.
It is tragic, you see
cause I am db
and my husband is known to be ob.

"The reason," I said, "that we met-4,
is not to discuss genes like CED4.
If you feel at ease,
we do as we please
and do what you think is a bed-4."

Said the teacher of cells: "Don't be idle.
Keep your form up to shape (cuboidal).
And in all your growth phases
don't deal with caspases.
Once expressed you get quite suicidal.

Before B-cells run into a coma
you should fuse them with a myeloma.
Everything will be swell
if the HAT trick works well
cause it gives you a true hybridoma

Copyright 2012 by H IBELGAUFTS. All rights reserved.

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