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lysozyme-like proteins

abbr. LLP (a term with multiple meanings). Lysozyme-like proteins are class of antimicrobial proteins with partial similarity with lysozyme found in domesticated and wild silkmoths Bombyx mori and Antheraea mylitta. These proteins lack the characteristic catalytic amino acid residues essential for muramidase activity. BLLP1 [Bombyx lysozyme-like protein 1] has been found in Bombyx mori. ALLP1 [Antheraea lysozyme-like protein 1] has been found in Antheraea mylitta. Both recombinant proteins exhibit a broad spectrum of antibacterial activities. BLLP1 is bacteriostatic rather than bactericidal against Escherichia coli and Micrococcus luteus. Inhibition in vivo of BLLP1 ... ... ... ... ... Subscribe to continue reading! ... ...


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